Then Sings My Soul

The poorest of the poor in Kyiv are pensioners, many of whom are widows and widowers living alone. These elderly men and women receive a small monthly pension from the government that is so low it barely covers the apartment tax they're charged each month, let alone rising food costs and inflation.

Music Mission Kiev serves hundreds of pensioners with food, medical assistance, spiritual nourishment, and friendship. And to meet their ongoing needs, we coordinate a sponsorship program you can be a part of.

Here's the story of one of the pensioners we serve. Scroll down to learn more about how you can bring help and hope to men and women like him.

Music has always spoken to Mikhail's heart.

As a child growing up in a village in the Cherkassy region of Ukraine, Mikhail's (or Michael) grandfather, a conductor, would bring him to church to sing in the choir. It's there his love for music took root.

While singing was something he loved, it was work with his hands that kept food on the table. Michael started working on a collective farm as a boy, and then was sent to mining school. He was part of post-World War II rebuilding efforts, served in the army, and finally worked as a bricklayer in Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

Now retired, a widower after losing his beloved wife, and living in Kyiv, far from his only daughter, a friend who knew of Michael's love for music invited him to sing in St. Paul Evangelical Church's pensioner choir. He hasn't missed a rehearsal or Sunday service since.

In addition to the friendship and singing that spoke to his spirit, Michael also applied to receive one of the weekly food packets MMK distributes to nourish his body.

But the best was yet to come.

Michael wanted to become a member of the church. During his membership interview, MMK co-founder Diane McMurrin, joined by Lena, a translator and friend, shared the good news of the gospel with him. And at 85 years old, Michael prayed, confessed his sins, and received the gift of eternal life.

Now his reason for singing goes far beyond a love for music. He lifts his voice in praise to the Lord for life, eternal hope, and peace that passes all understanding.

  • Join us in praising God for Michael's acceptance of Christ as his Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for our widow's ministry team—Diane, Kim, Irene, Lena, Valentina, Kostya, Artem, and Dr. Vadim Shevchenko. Together, they serve more than 500 widows and pensioners each week. 

Michael is one of more than 60 widows, widowers, and pensioners that are in need of a sponsor. Your monthly support helps us meet their physical and spiritual needs. Learn about how you can join our sponsorship program.

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