Sponsor a Widow
in Need


Just $50/month provides practical help and
spiritual hope for widows and pensioners in Ukraine.

Your faithful support provides weekly food packets, medical aid, and transportation to appointments, church services and more; supplies weekly Bible class materials; and covers the cost of fellowship gatherings and KSOC concert tickets. 

You will to get to know your sponsored widow/pensioner in a personal way—and experience blessing and growth as you give.


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Ludmila Gladchenko
Age: 63
Birthdate: November 12, 1954

She was born in the village of Stara Rudnya, and lived on a farm. She remembers getting up at 5:00 am to take the geese into their pasture, and then feeding 30 rabbits. Life was hard, and she did not have much play time or fun as a child.

Following high school, she went to technical college and then went on to work as an operator in a factor for over 20 years.

Ludmila lives with her husband who is disabled. She started coming to St. Paul’s Evangelical Church in the fall of 2016.



Zhanna Emelyanova
Age: 70
Birthdate: September 1, 1947

Zhanna worked in a number of jobs and occupations for over 40 years, retiring as an advertising agent. She was invited to church by another MMK widow in December 2016 and her heart was transformed. Now a baptized member, she says she's found her second family at St. Paul's

But even greater than the loving support she's received from the church, Zhanna believes Jesus has become her best friend and advocate.

She is also thankful for God's many blessings, including the food program and weekly food packet she receives from the mission.  



Valentina Piatnichenko
Age: 72
Birthdate: June 18, 1946

Valentina worked for many years as an economist. She was raised in an atheist’s family. Her friend Leonard, who is a member of our mission church, St. Paul’s, invited her to church. She visited the church and after hearing the Gospel message for the first time, accepted Christ as her Savior.

She is so grateful for the church that helps her to grow spiritually and gives her the feeling of being part of a big family. God has given her confidence in life, and hope for eternal life.

Valentina prays for American sponsors and all leaders of the mission, and thanks them for their great help.



Ludmila Kanuka
Age: 70
Birthdate: November 24, 1947

A native of a small town in central Ukraine, Ludmila attended university in Kyiv and enjoyed a career in sales at a large department store in the city.

She currently lives with her husband Alexander, who is disabled. Her son Alexy recently returned from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine where he fought for over a year. It has been her greatest joy to see her son come back alive and healthy from the war.

Ludmila has attended St. Paul's since 2015. In addition to weekly church services, she also attends the Evangelism Explosion class taught on Saturday mornings. She is grateful for the food packet she receives each week which helps her and Alexander survive on their meager pension.



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Raisa Knak
Age: 78
Birthdate: November 15, 1938

Raisa worked at a generator factory as an engineer. Essentially a single mother, she endured a difficult marriage to a man who drank too much and eventually succumbed to alcoholism.

Raisa's former neighbor invited her to St. Paul's for Easter in 2017 and she's continued to attend. She loves everything about the church, from the warm atmosphere and kindness of the people to the music, preaching, and connection to a community of believers.

Raisa endures frequent pain due to herniated discs in her spine. She is grateful for the assistance from the mission which allows her to survive on her small pension.



Valentina Kondakova
Age: 70
Birthdate: September 12, 1946

Valentina attend St. Vladmir Cathedral on big holidays during the year, thinking that was all the church she needed.

Then a friend invited her to St. Paul's. The service was so different from what she was used to. She loved the choir and the music.

Valentina accepted Jesus as her Savior and now attends church and Bible classes each week to deepen her relationship with Him. She serves as a volunteer in our caregiver ministry, and delivers a food packet each week to Nina, a homebound widow who is unable to walk. They love to talk about the Bible together and are now good friends.



Anna Kucher
Age: 71
Birthdate: June 28, 1946

Once a factory worker, Anna is now retired but has not slowed down. She is a member of the community choir and loves to sing.

She has grown children who live with their own families. Anna says that her greatest joy was the birth of her son, his wedding, and the birth of her grandson. The saddest part of her life was the death of her parents and her beloved husband.

Her friend Galina invited her to St. Paul's in the fall of 2016. She enjoys coming to the church, and wants to know everything about God and to tell other people about His Word. She wants to be useful for God and to serve those in need.

Valentina Kholod

Valentina Kholod
Age: 73
Birthdate: November 11, 1944

Valentina is very grateful for her friend, who invited her to St. Paul’s Evangelical Church. She was feeling very lonely and helpless, as her husband, who is 80 years old is an invalid, and her grown son is disabled, who she cares for.

At St. Paul’s church she has received great spiritual and material support, that has led her to an understanding of the depth of God’s love and grace. She no longer feels alone and weak, because God is at her side, and her new source of strength.

Valentina suffers from high blood pressure, and has cataracts on both eyes. She is so grateful for American sponsors and for the care and attention she receives from the mission.