Music Opens
Doors & Hearts

It is our mission to use the sacred classics to introduce the gospel to the country of Ukraine and the world.


Transforming Lives Through the Gospel


Misha's story

Misha described himself as a "seeker-after-truth." But in that search, he always seemed to come up empty. In 2016, a friend invited him to a KSOC friendship evangelism concert. Misha was deeply moved by the music and its gospel message penetrated his heart. Eager to learn more, he began to attend Music Mission Kiev's weekly Bible studies and Sunday worship services. Then he started studying the Bible on his own. Nearly a year after attending the KSOC concert, Misha surrendered his life to Christ. He now faithfully participates in discipleship and widows outreach. "My life has changed," he says. "My relationships have improved. I love serving others."


Proclaiming His Glory

Gifted musicians worship God and share the truth of Scripture through their performances.

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Serving Those in Need

Music is just the beginning. Your support of Music Mission Kiev makes a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in Ukraine.