With God, All Things are Possible

Oksana Polevichenko serves as Music Mission Kiev's children's ministries pastor, sharing the gospel with orphans, fatherless children, and young widows. Her own story of coming to faith is one only God could write. Read on as Oksana shares her heart.

At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblast leukemia. Those were difficult times for my family. My parents had already lost one child--my older brother died of leukemia.

A painful and complicated chemotherapy began. For some reason, I believed that I would not die; I would be cured. After spending a year at the hospital and another year taking supportive medicines, my disease went into remission. My troubles seemed to be over, but then another misfortune struck when I began to experience severe pain in my legs. It turned out that chemotherapy destroyed my hip joints.

Impossible circumstances

Due to my ongoing medical problems, I refused to let myself even think about ever getting married. Who would want an invalid for a wife? Yet sometimes I dreamed I would be able to walk as before, and I could lead my child by his hand. I drove these dreams out of my mind, knowing it would be impossible. All I could do was share my anguish with the Lord.

Then one day a young man named Serhiy entered my life. I loved him at first sight and he told me he liked me too. But I asked him to leave me alone and to not contact me. He couldn't possibly want an invalid for a wife! He wouldn't listen to me. He said he needed me and continued to pursue me.

Soon after that, doctors indicated that a surgery to clean my hip joints would allow me to walk again. After my family raised the needed funds, I had the surgery but it only made things worse. Every movement caused terrible pain and I was unable to walk without crutches. My hope of becoming a "normal" person disappeared.

My doctors suggested replacing my hip joints with metal prostheses, claiming all my pain would disappear and I'd regain the ability to walk freely. But our family had no money for this expensive surgery.

Healing and eternal hope

A short time later, several Swedish missionaries visited Stara Basan, our village, looking for poor orphanages in need of assistance. They connected with the orphanage where my mother worked at as a cook, and she told them about her disabled daughter who needed help.

These missionaries not only told me about living faith in God, but they also showed it through their deeds. They invited me to confess my sins and say yes to God. And I did. They also helped with the finances needed to replace my hip joints. And this time, the surgery was a success.

During this time, God worked in my heart. I began to read His Word, and my love for Him strengthened and grew. I started to pray earnestly for my beloved Serhiy, asking that God would lead him to repentance and faith in Jesus.

God answered this prayer. I received a letter from him saying, "I was blind! The sins of this world blinded me. I couldn't see God's love." His eyes opened, his sins forgiven, and his life surrendered to Christ meant that all the roadblocks to our marriage were removed.

Serhiy and I were baptized on the same day and married within the next month. God has blessed us with two sons, even though we were advised against having children. He has performed so many miracles for my family and me.

Oksana and Serhiy

Oksana and Serhiy


New possibilities

The pastor of a Baptist church in a nearby town asked me to join his team serving orphaned children in Stara Basan. I began training as a “lay” minister by attending different seminars, conferences, and courses. That’s how God prepared me for ministry to children.

I prayed that God would send someone to minister at Stara Basan permanently. Little did I know that one day I would become that minister through Music Mission Kiev.

Oksana and children from Stara Basan orphanage

Oksana and children from Stara Basan orphanage


MMK provides fellowship, Bible clubs and humanitarian aid (clothes, healthy food, and health care) to the children. I feel honored that I can give back to these precious ones and share the love of Christ with them.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26 

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