Serving Others Through Music

For the musicians for the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, music is more than instruments, pieces, and performances; it's an opportunity to serve others and share the life-changing message of the gospel. In this post, KSOC musician Anastasia Tkachuk shares her story of how God has used her gifts to touch others.

My MMK story began three years ago when I came to sing in the choir. As a professional musician and student of English, I couldn't even imagine that this group carried out such a very special mission. 

As a conservatory student, I'd performed music by Handel, Mozart, and Bach, but I never thought about the meaning of the texts. Thanks to the Ukrainian translations the KSOC used, I began to truly explore Scripture through art.

I had the opportunity to participate in the 2015 USA-Ukraine Friendship Tour, as well as the 2016 Canada-Ukraine Friendship Tour. Knowing our concerts help people in dire need encouraged me.

In the spring of 2016, I was involved in MMK's Helping Hands mission trip as a translator. This allowed me to use my English skills to help those who came to serve and helped me expand my knowledge about MMK's work throughout Ukraine.

Today, I continue to work with MMK as a choir member, translator, and secretary. It's a privilege for me to be part of this mission and serve others through music.

Watch a special Christmas greeting from the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Merry Christmas!

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