The Joy of the Lord

The oldest of eight children born into a family in Kyiv, Zina’s loving heart was shaped by the care she helped provide for her brothers and sisters. After graduating from school, she worked in the control office for the national economy department and married her husband Dmitriy.

Over 18 years ago, Zina was invited by a friend to visit MMK’s mission church.  She loved everything about the worship service, and felt warmly welcomed by everyone.  She not only came to church every week, but also faithfully attended every Bible class. She was thrilled to learn how to study the Bible.

A year later, Zina’s husband started coming to church with her.  They both came to Christ through this ministry. Zina also took an active part in serving the church, and for many years delivered food to our homebound widows, and provided care for them when needed.  She would sometimes visit and deliver food packets to 3-5 homebound widows or pensioners each week.

Zina helping a homebound widow.

Zina helping a homebound widow.


In 2006, Dmitriy was diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer. His illness left him bedridden for the next 10 years and he died in 2016. Zina was his sole caregiver, and even with her own health and back problems, never complained about caring for him. Although she deeply grieved the loss of her husband, she always continued to have a smile on her face and wanted to serve others whenever there was a need.

Now Zina is sick, homebound, and in need of help herself. She has a heart condition and suffers with osteoporosis. Her arms, legs or ribs are fragile and break very often. Her friend, who is also a member of our widow ministry, delivers a food package to her each week.

In spite of her physical condition, Zina is the first to tell you that God helps her to survive and to overcome her pain. She absolutely overflows with the joy of the Lord, no matter what difficulties are going on in her life. Zina perpetually has a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart. She really misses not being able to attend church and seeing her church family, but is grateful that her church family does not forget about her.

Zina says hello and enjoys fellowship with her church family.

Zina says hello and enjoys fellowship with her church family.


Recently the mission bought her a water heater, and our “handyman” Sasha installed it. Zina had gone without hot water for over three years, and it was so difficult for her to shower, wash clothes, or clean her apartment.  She would have to boil pots of water and pour them in her bathtub so she could take a warm bath.  Now she can enjoy taking a hot shower and bath again! She says it is a blessing from God and she is so grateful for MMK’s help.

In her prayers, Zina sends her thanks for her wonderful American sponsors, and for their constant help and the special gifts they send to her.  She lives her life in thanksgiving to God.  What an example of how each of us should live!

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MMK’s widow ministry serves over 530+ widows, of which more than 90 are homebound. Through our wonderful volunteers in the Caregiver Ministry, these homebound people receive a weekly nutritious food packet, copies of the Bible lesson handout, any necessary medication, and words of encouragement and affirmation that they are not forgotten and are a vital part of MMK’s family.

Will you join us in prayer?

  • Pray for our Caregiver’s Ministry volunteers, and their service to our homebound widows and pensioners.

  • Pray for the many physical needs of those homebound, and that God would minimize their pain and discomfort.

  • Pray for God’s continued provision for the widow’s ministry that serves over 530 widows/pensioners each week.

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