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2015 KSOC
Tour to the
Eastern United States

September 10 - October 29

Here is our schedule of planned concerts thus far. We have some open dates and pending concerts in certain cities. Pray for our tour planning, and if you are able to help us secure a tour venue, please call our Orlando office at 1-800-467-5051. Also pray for the host churches as they arrange housing for our 44 Ukrainian musicians, and if you are able, volunteer to keep Ukrainians in your home. It is not only a Christian service but also a great joy!

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Symphony #2

in Ukrainian language

March 2, 2015

Conductor Wes Janzen

Central Baptist Church
"House of the Gospel"
7 p.m. Schekavytska str. 2/8

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January 12, 2015
Conductor Viktoriya Konchakovska

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December 8, 2014
Conductor Wes Janzen

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Adopt a Widow

Our elderly are the poorest of the poor. With the deflation of the local currency and the inflated prices of goods, their pensions from the government aren't enough for basic food and medicine. That is why Music Mission Kiev has been caring for widows and widowers for the last twenty years, bringing weekly food, Bible classes, medical assistance, and the love of Christ.
Today we serve 400 widows, 100 of whom are homebound. For $50 a month, you can adopt a widow or widower and see that his or her needs are taken care of. Here are some of our widows who need your help.

Galina Gudimenko

When I was very young, my father died, and my mother raised us three children. We survived during the war and famine. We always were very poor. I grew up, and married. My husband died when he was 52 years old. One son died when he was 36 years old, another son died after operation when he was 53. Now I am alone.

Katerina Melnichenko invited me to the church. My life changed for the better. Prayers help me to live. I am always with God. I am old, not always feel well, but I am always grateful for God for this mission and the blessings I receive from St. Paul's church and its caring people.

Zinaida Danchenko

I am a widow and live with my daughter, grandson, and granddaughter in my small apartment. I am disabled and hardly go out, but want to visit St. Paul's Church. I was born during the 1932 famine and remember the horrors of war, and being cold and hungry. My father was killed during the war, and my sister and brother were held captive in Germany. My brother died in Germany and my sister now lives in Poland.

I was invited to MMK in 2000 and was able to attend church and Diane's Bible class back then. I am grateful for the widow's food I receive and for my Christian friends who bring me weekly food from the Stephen's Ministry.

We have many widows like Zinaida and Galina, looking for a sponsor.
To sponsor them, or someone like them, call our Orlando office at 1-800-467-5051 Monday through Friday and ask for Ronnie. Payment can be made with Visa or Mastercard.


Christmas Banquets

10 Banquets for
Widows and refugees
in November-December 2014

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Music Mission Kiev helps orphanages in Eastern Ukraine

Another full vehicle is heading towards the war zone this morning. Please pray for Sasha and Andre. Their destinations include several orphanages. They bring baby food, diapers, food including fresh fruit, warm wool blankets, candles, Bibles. For those in America, please make a generous donation to Music Mission Kiev, 286 Wilshire Blvd, Casselberry, Florida 32707,and specify "for orphanges in war zone."

March, 2015


Small Bible Classes begin for New Members

Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples, baptizing them…. teaching them to observe all things…" And so we have begun a new Bible study particularly for the new members of our church. In addition to the Saturday class which they attend, they have personalized instruction on Thursdays, learning how to use their new Bibles, followed by lunch and fellowship. His truth is marching on!

February, 2015


Five New Believers Baptized

Of the 43 new members received at St. Paul's church this month, 31 prayed to receive Christ as Savior in their church interview. Four of these were baptized in the service. We praise God for those whom He has brought into His family and into our care. Truly the adversity in Ukraine is leading people to look for hope in God as they trust Jesus Christ for their salvation.

February, 2015


Diane and Roger McMurrin host a new radio program called Music Mission Kiev presently heard on WTLN 950AM in Orlando, Florida at 8:30am (EST) on Sunday mornings. The program is streamed to the internet at this time on Just press "Listen Live" to hear the show anywhere in the world.

However, you can hear these shows right now or anytime by pressing the arrow below. We give you a summary and the music presented on each show. You can play the show as you read and write emails, with the program playing in the background.

Program 1505:
Experiences touring in America;
story of a widow;
the perils of war

"New York, New York" from America the Beautiful
"Minstrel Boy" from Meditation
"Soon-ah Will Be Done" from Hymns and Spirituals
"Come, Sweet Death" from Meditation

Play Program 1505

Program 1504:
Kim Janzen talks about our ministry to widows

"Old Man River" from America the Beautiful
"March of the Nobles" from Russian Choral Classics
"Deep River" from Tonight 2008
"March from the Love of Three Oranges" from Russian Symphonic Classics

Play Program 1504

Program 1503:
Receiving God's Call to Missions, the importance of hymns in worship

"All Creatures of Our God and King" from Hymns and Spirituals
"Route 66" from Tonight 2008
"Shenandoah" from Tonight 2008
"Set Down Servant" from Hymns and Spirituals

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Program 1502:
Wes Janzen explains our aid to victims of war

"Bugler’s Holiday" from America the Beautiful
"Fairest Lord Jesus" from Hymns and Spirituals
"Going Home" from the New World Symphony Meditation
"Prayer of Ukraine" from Slavic Accappella

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Program 1501:
How music has changed lives in Ukraine;
how the church began

"Nimrod" by Elgar from Meditation
"Now Thank We All Our God" from Hymns and Spirituals
"Shut de Door" from Tonight 2008
"Give Me Jesus" from Hymns and Spirituals
"Vocalise" from Meditation

Play Program 1501

Music presented on these programs can be purchased on these albums from
Music Mission Kiev -
Monday through Friday with Visa or Mastercard.

On this program you will hear stories about the early years in Ukraine, when Roger and Diane were called to move to Kiev in 1992. They came to present concerts of sacred masterpieces that had been forbidden under Communist rule, and it was like an "explosion of light" to musicians and audiences who loved classical music and were hungry for a spiritual message. However, in 1994 they established a church with the musicians, who wanted to know more about the Bibles they had received. Ninety-five people stood to receive Christ in the first worship service. Soon the congregation was taking food to desperately poor widows who had nothing to eat. It began with twenty widows, and now Music Mission Kiev serves more than 400, one hundred of whom are homebound. Today this church is called St. Paul's Evangelical Church, and Roger is the pastor.



For more information, click on these four-color newspapers.

February, 2015

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