Our Staff



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Roger McMurrin

Roger first came to Kyiv in 1992 and answered God’s call to live and serve there the following year. He founded the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and led them on 10 U.S. tours. He also planted two churches in Kyiv and still regularly preaches at St. Paul’s Evangelical Church.

Diane McMurrin
Cofounder / Director of Communications

As Music Mission Kiev’s Director of Communications, Diane shares stories of the ministry’s work online and in print. She also oversees the widows program, teaches Bible classes, and is the author of four books.


U.S. Administrative Staff

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Greg Kannon
Chief Executive Officer

Trained as a classical pianist in his early years and later trained in voice, music is always part of Greg.  He has extended experience in leadership development, coaching/training, and executive/management positions within the corporate and faith communities.  As an Adjunct Professor in a seminary for over 12 years, his expertise is in Mentoring and Leadership.  He helps people take their next step in their faith and life journey.  Making disciples who make disciples in the image of Jesus is how he believes change in the world is accomplished.  He and his wife Donna, enjoy life together in Winter Garden, FL, and in the mountains of North Carolina, boating, traveling, reading, and doing anything outdoors.


Veronica (Ronnie) Santeusanio
Office Director

Music has always been a part of Ronnie’s life, both personally and professionally. She now oversees managing the U.S. office as well as many ministry projects, including organizing and leading annual mission trips to Ukraine. Ronnie enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, going to the beach, traveling, reading, kayaking and golf.


Deborah Berger
Donor Relations Liasion

Deborah finds great joy in connecting people with the ways their gifts can meet the spiritual and financial needs of so many in Ukraine. In addition to her ministry through Music Mission Kiev, she volunteers her extra time at her local church and loves spending time with her family.


Ukraine Staff


Serhiy Basarab
Vice President of Ukraine Operations

Serhiy has been a part of MMK’s ministry from the very beginning, interpreting at the first KSOC rehearsal in 1992. He draws on his experience in international relations and translation in his role as a liaison as he helps MMK develop relationships with media, churches and government offices.

Volodya Berezinets

Volodya’s love for music brought him to MMK, where he first started as a substitute musician in the KSOC. He then became orchestral librarian, where his meticulous work and humble spirit shone. He now serves as comptroller in the Kyiv office, using those skills to maintain organized records.

Vicktoria Konchakovskaya
Assistant Conductor of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

A teacher and folk choir director, Viktoria joined the KSOC as a choir member and soon became assistant conductor. She also came to know Christ through her work with MMK. In her role, Viktoria manages radio programs, recordings, and seminar projects in churches across the former Soviet Union. She also helps plan all aspects of KSOC concert activities.

Irene Loktionova

With a background in music and linguistics, Irene has been part of the KSOC and translated during rehearsals and tours, as well as Bible classes and church worship services. She now assists translating for weekly widow Bible classes, and the widow’s prayer group.


Kostya Vikulkin
Ministry Associate/Interpreter

Kostya serves widows through mid-week visits to their homes, translation, set-up for Saturday gatherings, and leading worship.

Valentina Yenicheck

Valentina started as a singer in the KSOC, then served as director of widows food distribution and choral librarian. She now uses her eye for detail and servant’s heart in her receptionist role, welcoming guests and ensuring care of homebound widows.

Vadym Shevchenko

Vadym provides exceptional, compassionate medical care to widows and others in need.

Irina Donochenko
Children's Ministries Pastor

A dynamic teacher and motivator, Irina serves as a pastor to children, youth, and families MMK reaches. She shepherds, shares the gospel, and leads MMK Bible camps for children and youth.


Oksana Polevichenko
Children’s Ministries Pastor

Oksana combines a tender heart with a wealth of experience sharing the gospel to serve orphans, fatherless children, and young widows in her role as children’s pastor. 

Sasha Agriyants
Relief Coordinator

Through strategic planning and relief deliveries, Sasha serves victims of war, wounded, and others in great need. He also leads at MMK’s summer Bible camp.

Katerina Burak
Children's Music Director

Katerina directs the music outreach to children through St. Paul’s Evangelical Church, with a focus on choral conducting and signing.

Valentina Smirnova
Children's Bible Teacher

Combining musical skills, Bible teaching, and a kind heart, Valentina brings God’s Word to life for children and widows.


Sasha Pavlichenko
Food Sourcing Director

Sasha oversees strategic facilities set-up, along with purchasing and delivering the food for weekly widow packages. 

Val Movchen
Food Service Coordinator

Val nourishes thousands of people with his cooking for widows, pensioners, and others MMK serves in Kyiv.