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Children & Orphans 

Music Mission Kiev has been working with orphans, other children and young people since 1999, sponsoring:

• Week-end foster care with members of our church from 1999-2001
• Bible and English classes in Orphanage #21, from 2000-2002
• Ministry to grad orphans (those who have left the orphanage) from 2003-2008


We have developed a relationship with Orphanage #22, which houses 170 children from the ages of 8-15. We have been able to remodel rooms to house sensory development equipment; plant tree, fruit, and flower gardens with the assistance of American groups working along side these kids; facilitate interaction with the children and our widows through crafts classes and knitted items; providing a weekly Music and Bible Club which brings teachers to the orphanage; and organizing several summer camps. Through these interactions we are able to share the Gospel and the Love of Jesus that these children so badly need.

Many of our MMK widows are enormously talented and desire to share their time and love with others. On a weekly basis a significant number travel to Children's Home #22, at the invitation of the Director, to share their home economic skill with the children. We are connecting our widows with children who are in need! For some of our widows they now have grandchildren. For some of the children they now have a grandmother!


Music Mission Kiev has worked with children teaching Bible and music since 2000 when we formed the Christian Children’s Clubs which taught Bible and the arts (music, dance, English) in the public schools. When the government approved a Biblically-based program for use in the public schools called “Christian Ethics” in 2006, we began the Children’s Music Club and invited students from those schools, to have music training with members of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Our students receive private instrument lessons and participate in a vocal and chimes choir. These young musicians have the opportunity to sing and play in St. Paul's Church each Sunday afternoon and at some of the KSOC concerts. They attend a camp in the summertime organized by MMK. The parents are also involved in this program through attending Bible studies and English Club.