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Widows and Pensioners

Our widows and pensioners have interesting stories about their days under the Soviet power, World War II, and starvation times, as well as their stories of faith—how they came to know about Jesus Christ and when they accepted Him as Savior.

 Their government pensions are small, from $80-$100 a month, while food prices rival those of the United States. Food and medicine are their primary concerns. You can become a sponsor of one of these elderly people in two ways:


$50 a month provides full sponsorship

$25 a month provides partial sponsorship


For more information about how join our sponsor family, call our Orlando office at 1-800-467-5051.


Whether or not you become a sponsor, you will find their stories captivating.  Click on "NEED SPONSOR" or "SPONSORED" to see their faces and begin reading. We keep adding additional widows and pensioners with their stories, so visit us regularly to see new material, alphabetized by first name. And come to Kiev to personally meet these extraordinary people!