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Diane and Roger McMurrin host a new radio program called Music Mission Kiev which begins airing on the WTLN 950 AM Orlando, Florida on March 1st. Join them for a program of music and mission from the capital city of Ukraine, as they present great music, the word of God, and stories of changed lives.

Music Mission Kiev is streamed at 8:30 am Sunday mornings (Eastern Standard Time) on
Just press "listen Live" and you can hear the program every week on your computer anywhere in the world.

On this program you will hear stories about the early years in Ukraine, when Roger and Diane were called to move to Kiev in 1992. They came to present concerts of sacred masterpieces that had been forbidden under Communist rule, and it was like an "explosion of light" to musicians and audiences who loved classical music and were hungry for a spiritual message. However, in 1994 they established a church with the musicians, who wanted to know more about the Bibles they had received. Ninety-five people stood to receive Christ in the first worship service. Soon the congregation was taking food to desperately poor widows who had nothing to eat. It began with twenty widows, and now Music Mission Kiev serves more than 400, one hundred of whom are homebound. Today this church is called St. Paul's Evangelical Church, and Roger is the pastor.

Roger and Diane founded the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which has toured America eleven times from 1996-2010 with Roger McMurrin, and under the leadership of Wes Janzen, President and Principal Conductor, the group has toured both Canada and America in 2012 and 2014. Wes is bringing them to the Eastern States in September and October of 2015.

Music Mission Kiev has been active in providing relief for refugees (internally displaced persons) who are in distress from the war in Eastern Ukraine. Many have fled to Kiev for refuge, and Music Mission Kiev helps those families housed a sanatorium near Kiev, including families from Crimea, as well as hospital patients who have been wounded and brought to Kiev for medical attention.

The Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus has premiered 65 sacred masterpieces in Ukraine. They have toured Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan with Handel's Messiah and a concert of Spirituals and Jazz in 2006 and 2007. Members of the chorus, in cooperation with the Bishkek Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, have presented Christmas concerts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan since 2008 under Roger McMurrin.

Diane McMurrin has written three books concerning their 20 years in Kiev. The Splendor of His Music depicts the early years of 1992-1997 and the establishment of the ministry. The Last Flowers Before Winter features stories of seven widows from World War II and how their lives were transformed in their senior years. Curtain Call traces the stories of mission to the present day.

Wes and Kim Janzen from Canada are now serving as President and Associate Director of Outreach Ministries, respectively, and also participate on the radio program.

Much more could be said about the McMurrins' adventures in Ukraine, but in the 26-minute, weekly radio program you will hear highlights of these adventures and what God has done in and through Music Mission Kiev.