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June 30, 2013    A Dog Tale

Roger and I have three Bernese Mountain dogs. Shanya is three years old, and Billy and Emma, from her second litter, are both 13 months old. Their antics give me plenty of illustrations for my Bible lessons.

For instance, two weeks ago we took the dogs to the vet to get their nails clipped and filed. Billy, who weighs 100 lb., had scratched a widow's face when she came to visit a few days before. He was just trying to be friendly, but she had a bloody scratch on her cheek and a puncture wound on her nose. (These wounds have since healed.)

The Vet's office is in the center of our little village, on a busy road. It consists of two very small rooms: one filled with products to sell, and the other, an examination room. There is no waiting room, and at 5 pm on a Friday night, the owners and their dogs had formed a line on the sidewalk to get in.

Every morning, I walk all three of the dogs at the same time, and I have no trouble handling them. But today, Shanya did not want to get out of the car. She refused. So I took Emma (95 lb) and her brother Billy out onto the sidewalk. They waited very well, but when it was our turn to go in, they began to balk. They dug in their heels and would not go through the door. The veterinarian Nikolai came to help me. I held onto Billy's collar, and he had Emma's leash. I almost had Billy in the door, when Emma got out of her collar and started running to the street.

A bus had just pulled up to the curb and most of the passengers had exited to the sidewalk. Emma ran onto the bus, and I thought the doors would close and I would lose her forever. But then she bolted off the bus, and ran to me as I kept calling her name. I grabbed her neck with a fistful of skin and hair, and told her to sit. Surprisingly, she obeyed me. Then I slipped her collar on, and we were safe from whatever accident may have happened in the confusion of the traffic and the people.

Later I thought how we are so much like Emma. We get scared of the uncertain future, and want to find our own way apart from God. There are so many dangers lurking outside his hedge of protection. He sees us heading for trouble and calls our name, and in the midst trying to solve our own problems, we hear his voice. From past experience, we know His way is the only way. We come back to Him, humble ourselves before him, and let Him lead us onward.

Emma and Billy thought they were going to get injections. That's what they remembered from their last visit, when the ticks had bitten them. They had had high fevers. If they hadn't gotten the injections, they would die.

But this time they were only going for what some would call, "a beauty treatment." It didn't hurt a bit, and made them more lovable. We do not know the future, but God does. And even if the experience may be difficult, he will be with us to comfort and help us.

The main thing is to trust Him, and don't be afraid. He will take care of you.

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